(Major Sections)
(Major Sections)
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2. [[Textual Analyses]]
2. [[Textual Analyses]]
3. [[Creative Critiques]]
3. [ Recent Wiki Activity]
4. [ Recent Wiki Activity]
4. [[Wiki Writing Guidelines]]
5. [[Wiki Writing Guidelines]]
5. [[Other Interesting Tidbits]]
6. [[Other Interesting Tidbits]]

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Welcome to the Gender and Literature Utopia/Dystopia Wiki

This is a space for English 264 to discover issues related to gender in literature about utopias and dystopias.


Help the wiki grow by adding pages and resources of interest.

Major Sections

Here are links to the other major sections of this wiki:

1. Vocabulary

2. Textual Analyses

3. Recent Wiki Activity

4. Wiki Writing Guidelines

5. Other Interesting Tidbits

Please add more major sections when you feel that this community needs them. 

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