Three Guineas- Wolf

-Class probelm- women/daughters of rich men- upper class women are the weakest class-she repeats argue she presents by excluding lower class women

Woolfs Outsider Society- no gov, womens education, equality, uncertainty/there isnt language


-What is a women, we aren't all women because we don't follow it all

-Laws/the system won't save you

-Problem/Soln not possible

-We have to subvert launguage even

-We need to be post feminist

-Gender is not a being, but becoming, not an act

The Potential to be Queer

Duggan's Making it Perfectly Queer [here]

Warner's Introduction to Fear of a Queer Planet click here

-Language actually is an act, you've done it when you speak it- gender performance

The Five Sexes, Revisited - Fausto Sterling: acknowleging intesexuality as part of our society, five sex system, not every person is born male or female and we can't ignore this

To Be or Not to Be- Feinberg: transgender issues

What Does Angels in America perform?

-conflict, doubt, guilt, abandonment, humanity, loss in relationships, illness, mortality, religion, questioning faith, magical, delusions, imagination, plague

Octavia Butler


-Gender duty, siblings (gan and xua) consent, male pregnancy, coming of age, symbolic, family structure, slavery, agency

The Evening The Morning and The Night

-Discrimination, reproductive rights, health care systems/prison systems, entrapment, what constitutes humanity, free will, love, doubt, childrens responsibility to take care of paretns

Speech Sounds

-Intuition, communications, jealousy, violence, sexual violence, trust, hope

HillCollin's Feminist Thought

"aims to empower African American women within the context of social justice sustained by intersecting oppressions.

-addresses historical practices of oppression in work, housing, education, politics, and daily social interactions

"US black women as a group live in a different world from that of people who are not black and female"

-lived experiences, action/activism

-Black feminist thought is heterogeneous 

-We can come together across lines of difference


-George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic/ 1970s and 80s

-A fantasy, Afrocentric aesthetic movement that includes literature, visual arts and music

-grace jones, critic

Black Feminist Thought:


Audre Lorde- afrocentric movement, carribean immigrant parents, mixed mother who passed as white

June Jordan- journalist, bisexual

Alic Walker- the color purple, activist, scholar, first legal interracial marriage, womanism instead of feminism

Angela Davis- marxist feminist, radical, allegedly bought a gun for a black panther- on FBI's most wanted

bell hooks (Gloria Watkins)- post modern feminist

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