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"Bloodchilled" -- Emily PetersonA Search for Agency in The Handmaid's Tale, By Tom MorkActivism
AgencyAgency and Reproductive Rights in The Evening, and the Morning, and the NightAgency in The Handmaid's Tale
Analogue Sign UpAnalogue Textual Analyses TOCAndrew Colton's Class Notes
Angels in AmericaAngels in America: Ideology and the ActualAngels in America Textual Analyses TOC
Bloodchild Textual Analyses TOCBloodchild and the Gender BinaryCharacters From the Books We've Read
Creative CritiquesDefinition of FunDefinition of Gender
Definition of HegemonyDefinition of MarriageDefinition of Oppression
Definition of SexualityDefinition of Third-wave FeminismDefinition of Transgender
Dystopia definitionEmbodiment
Embracing Gender Narratives, A Textual Analysis of Cold War by Janelle MonaeExamining the Power of Activism in The Handmaid's Tale, by Michelle Wheeler
FemininityFemininity and Sexuality in HerlandFeminism
Feminist Ethics and TheoriesFirst-Wave FeminismGender&LitUtopiaDystopia Wiki
Gender BinaryGender Binary in V for Vendetta by Zach RolfsGender Narrative
Gender Performance in HerlandGender Performativity in Angels in AmericaGendered Violence
HegemonyHegemony/Connor GHegemony1
HerlandHerland's Model for ChangeHerland Textual Analyses TOC
HeteronormativityHierarchy DefinitionHistory of Feminism
Ideas from ClassIntersectionality
Intersectionality and "Many Moons"Intersectionality through Illness in Angels in AmericaIntersex
Janelle Monae's "Many Moons": A History of OppressionList of BooksList of Readings
LiteratureLoss of Agency in "The Evening and the Morning and the Night"
Manipulation of Power in The Handmaid's TaleMany Moons Textual Analyses TOCMasculinity
Miscellaneous notes from classMovie and Music RecommendationsNick's notes
Notes From ClassOppression in The Evening and the Morning and the NightOppression in The Handmaid's Tale - Laura Tripp
Other Interesting TidbitsPatriarchyPatriarchy Reinforced Through Language in Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" by James Leavell
Power In "The handmaid's Tale"Preparation, Prescription, Reinscription, etc.Queer Theory
Random NotesReproductive rightsRye: Challenging the Gender Binary and the Social Construction of Femininity
Rye and Obsidian: Equated Against A Male Dominated Gender BinaryScience FictionSecond-Wave Feminism
SexSexual Coercion in "The Handmaid's Tale" - Nora UhrichSexual Orientation
Sexual PoliticsSexual Politics: Revelations Through Science FictionSexual Politics in The Handmaid's Tale, by Alex Burniece
Social Construction DefinitionSocial MovementSocial Movement1
Speech Sounds Textual Analyses TOCStein's Wrap-UpSummary of Theoretical Readings
Textual AnalysesTextual Analysis: V For VendettaThe Causes and Consequences of Disembodied Women in The Handmaid's Tale by Kate Bjorklund
The Evening and the Morning and the NightThe Gender BinaryThe Handmaid's Tale
The Handmaid's Tale Characters ListThe Handmaid's Tale Textual Analyses TOCThe Hunger Games Textual Analyses TOC
Three Guineas Textual Analyses TOCUncovering HegemonyUsing Standard Language to Create Gendered Power Structures in ''The Handmaid's Tale'' by Grace Atkins
UtopiaUtopia - DefinitionUtopia Textual Analyses TOC
Utopian Gender Constructions In HerlandV for VendettaV for Vendetta: Femininity as a State of Dependence
V for Vendetta Textual Analyses TOCVocabularyWiki Writing Guidelines
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